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The cocktail revolution is alive and well in beautiful San Diego, a city perched near west coast waters and thriving with a passion for sport sailing, deep sea fishing, diving, and of course good time merriment. As premiere distillers, Liberty Call Distilling is master crafting spirits locally using quality ingredients indigenous to sunny California. Spirit lovers yearn for distinguished tastes that stand out from the rest and we have answered the call.
Our family of spirits delight the most discerning palates with flavors derived from earth’s most naturally delicious ingredients and created a labor of love. Whether choosing from our Single Malt Whiskey, Navy Strength Rum, or our Constitution Bourbon, West Coast spirit lovers will be hooked!

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2739 Via Orange Way #110
Spring Valley, CA 91978




There is no other spirit that has been responsible for more classic cocktails than Gin. Dating back to the 17th century, Gin originated in Holland and the golden age of the martini was born. Liberty Call Distilling has proudly crafted a bright and refreshing blend using evaporated cane juice, vapor infused Juniper, coriander, five aromatic flowers, zest of three citruses, and its secret blend of botanicals to create an evolved and modern twist on Gin. The distilling process constructs complex floral tasting notes of lavender, chamomile, layered herbs, hint of juniper, and zest of three citruses which generates the refreshing citrus finish. If that doesn’t sound like summertime freshness, we don’t know what does!

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